Ethnomedicinal Plants: Revitalizing of Traditional Knowledge of Herbs

Presenting recent discoveries on ethnomedicinal plants around the world, this book focuses on evaluating the progress to date as well as the future potential of drug development in ethnomedicine. Eight reviews examine therapeutic applications including the spasmolitic effects of various plants, the anti-inflammatory activity of plants from Brazil and Tunisia, common fertility treatments in Trinidad and Tobago, traditional medicines from ...

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Indigenous Herbal Medicines: Tribal Formulations and Traditional Herbal Practices

The book deals with about 210 important medicinal plants used by the traditional herbal healers in India. Given vernacular names in English, Sanskrit and many other Indian regional languages, short diagnostic taxonomic description, ecology and distributional aspects provided under each plant and up-to-date information about the ongoing research of every medicinal plant mentioned here makes this book more reader friendly ...

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Herbal Jeevan Mantra by Dr Deepak Acharya

There are many commonly available foods and ingredients that, if used rightly, can help in curing and containing several diseases including serious ones like diabetes etc.Herbal Jeevan Mantra is a compilation of such remedies collected by studying the lifestyle of native tribal residents of the jungles of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. This book will help you transform your kitchen in ...

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Dangs: The Little Known Paradise of India (Ed. Dr Deepak Acharya)

“Dangs: The Little Known Paradise of India” captures in few pages myriad things and minds of this less known ethnic geo-space which is but a unique landscape and ecosystem known as “The Dangs” of Gujarat. This place bounded by hills, populated with ethnic tribes and bestowed with natural medicinal herbs has always been a place of attraction. This coffee table ...

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