Message by Dr Deepak Acharya

The dream has now started becoming true as indigenous herbal healers in India have gained recognition worldwide for their tremendous herbal knowledge. The guiding philosophy of our mission includes the integration of age-old tried, tested and trusted indigenous herbal knowledge with the tools of modern science, product development and profit sharing with the grassroot knowledge holders. It is certainly something that makes me feel proud about.

~ Deepak Acharya


  1. Dear Dr. Acharya,

    Karon Vickaryous and I were introduced via her mother who is a client of mine in Castle Rock, Wa. Long story short she has described some details of a seminar so to speak regarding herbal therapies and that she has been searching for a suitable site. I have offered my home which is in Castle Rock with 50 secluded wooded acres and other amenities that I believe would serve the purpose well. I am an RN who has been a hospice nurse early in my career and hold an avid interest in holistic care with some studies in herbal/ayurvetic practices. I would be so humbled and honored to be able to host such an event!! I know you are very busy so will not detain you but thank you for your time!!


    • Pleasure knowing you. Yes, I am looking forward for the event. Keeping my fingers crossed. I hope this event becomes a landmark and I could teach people the sustaining ways of livings by the indigenous tribesmen of my country. You may drop emails to me directly on I would love to hear more from you. Take care.

  2. Dear bhaiya,
    Kya aapne current photo site pe nhi dale hai kya.

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